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Welcome to Uganda Road Fund

Within the East African Region, Uganda was the last country to launch a second generation road fund.  In August 2008, Parliament passed the Uganda Road Fund Act, with the object of financing routine and periodic maintenance of all public roads undertaken by designated agencies based on   funds generated from road user charges.

The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) is designated in the URF Act to maintain national roads while other designated agencies are responsible for District, Urban and Community Access Roads.

By aspiring to ensure a stable, adequate and timely flow of funds to agencies, the URF provides the opportunity for the implementing agencies to plan for efficiency and effective delivery of maintenance on their respective categories of roads.  The anticipated gains due to such stable and predictable financing, together with effective monitoring of fund use, will bring improvements to the condition of road; reduce road maintenance costs; encourage a vibrant local construction industry; reduce road maintenance backlog and eventually reduce total transport costs, with the consequent gains to the national economy.


Adequate, timely and reliable financing of road maintenance for a safe and efficient network.   


To manage the Fund with prudence, integrity and transparency in a commercial, cost effective and in efficient manner.


Principle of operation

The URF aspires to principles of economy, efficiency and effectiveness in its operations.  It also seeks to operate in a business-like manner, while remaining responsive to customer needs.  These principles will move public roads away from the normal budgetary allocation process into a market domain that embraces paying for use of roads under a ‘fee-for-service’ arrangement.

Message From Executive Director 

Welcome to the Uganda Road Fund (URF) website. This website is an important forum in which URF interfaces with stakeholders, designated agencies, the general public and other major role players in the road sector.

Consistent with trend in most developing countries over the last two decades, Uganda pursued reforms in road subsector with the aim principally of separating policy roles from actual delivery of road management functions.  The driving principal has been commercialization of road management by bringing them into the market place, charging for their use on a fee-for-service basis and managing them like a business enterprise. This involved housing the three key road management roles of policy setting, financing and works implementation under separate but complementary and accountable public institutions.