Board Members

On 01 January 2008, the 1st Board of the Uganda Road Fund was inaugurated. These are the Board Members currently serving on the Board:

Mrs. Merian Sebunya -  Board Chairperson

Dr. Merian Sebunya – Board Chairperson and member representing Freight Forwarders Association


Mr. Nathan Byanyima – member representing Passenger Transporters

Ms. Rosemary Owino

Ms. Rosemary Owino Рmember representing Institute of Certified Public  Accountants of Uganda


Mr. Kenneth Mugambe – member representing MoFPED

Mr. Robert Rwanga

Mr. Robert Rwanga – member representing MoWT


Mr. Victor Ocaya

Mr. Victor Ocaya – (Member /Member Representing Professional Engineers)

Eng. Dr. Michael M Odongo

Eng. Dr. Michael M Odongo – Executive Director/ Secretary to Board


  • Ms. Merian Sebunya, (Member Representing Freight Forwarders Association)